An outline biography, shamelessly lifted from my personal website, now with a few comments between the lines - literally.

1967: Born in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia
  • A good year, 1967. I was released only a few months before the classic Sgt Pepper's album by The Beatles. I don't think I'll ever achieve quite the same cult status, but we still live on.
1981: Graduated from primary school, summa cum laude
1985: Graduated from high school, summa cum laude
1986: Completed my National Service
  • This was fun, too, in its own way. At least I found myself in uniform when it was probably the safest and most comfortable. I have sadly lost contact with every single good guy I met there.
1994: Earned BSc in Electronics Enginering, GPA 8.36/10
  • Lasted far too long to be considered a lot of fun. Of course, I am at least partly to blame, but it wouldn't be an overstatement that the surrounding events didn't take their toll.
2001: Moved to United Kingdom, employed by Panasonic Mobile
  • A new stage in life - literally. While I dipped my toe into living and working abroad during the previous period, this was a baptism of fire. My conclusion? Everyone should give it a go - carefully.
2007: Became a British citizen
  • Even if the process in United Kingdom may not be the most difficult one there is, I still count this on the achievement side and I am proud of it. Of course, some may disagree, but I don't really care.
2008: Earned MSc in Elecronics Engineering, by default
  • Not sure what I really think of this. On the face of it, it is deserved, as it equates effort and degree between now and then. On the other hand, what about past masters (i.e. those who studied even more for an MSc)?
2008: Started a new job for Nokia
  • Onwards and upwards. My years with Panasonic have been extremely pleasant, and have yielded another batch of very good friends. I see no reason whatsoever for Nokia not to be the same.
2010: Quite badly riled Mr Miodrag Kreculj
  • This "saga" has now finished - and a good thing it has... I can't say I was really enjoying it, but, as most things, it has produced at least one good: I have started writing more, and I am finding it easier by the day. 
2010: Moved house - again
  • Moved to a new house, this time a brand new one. It was about time, too. Can't help myself thinking it's the kind of house we actually deserve. Also, we seem to be getting better at buying/selling houses. This move went suspiciously smoothly in the end.
2011: A change of company
  • Have been sold lock, stock, and barrel to Renesas. Exciting new future ahead in the mobile platform business, while not (yet) having changed anything much - not even the desk. The change was actually effective on 1 December 2010, but doesn't 2011 look better? Wish me, and Renesas, luck! 
2012: Was fruitful, and multiplied. Happy days!
  • Where there was two, now there is three - and we're definitely not a crowd!
2013: Got kicked out of here.
  • Apparently these guys thought they can do it without me all the same - or even better. Good luck to them - and me.
2014: Started here.
  • These guys actually bothered to read the whole of my CV and hired me for what I, in fact, do best. Good choice!
2015: Got bought, lock, stock & barrel alongside CSR.
  • These guys thought we're worth buying. They're probably right, too.
For more details about any of the periods above - ask (if you dare)!

My full and up-to-date CV can be had if you ask nicely by sending an e-mail request to: mail AT vladimiroka DOT net. 

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