Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Long Time No C

The last time I posted here was more or less at the start of my serving out the notice period, having been fired from here because these guys bought my department - but only partially (they subsequently fired the whole of their equivalent department - which I think is even meaner).

What followed was a period of unemployment which was made infinitely less stressful than one might expect by the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our gorgeous little daughter, something I will likely not have another opportunity to do for a long, long time - if ever.

So, hurrah and huzzah!

But wait! There's more...

These guys decided that I haven't killed off all my brain cells playing management/coordination game, and that I can still be gainfully employed as a software developer. Huzzah! indeed.

So, I have now dusted off my trusty old (but not as old as in the photo above) K&R and brushed up on my static and  volatile - not to mention pointer voodoo, and am expected to make the world a better place by making sure your Bluetooth devices play nicely with each other (amongst other things).

All this, of course, involves quite a bit of upset to our little family, but we shall emerge victorious.

Stay tooned...