Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Repost: Happy New Year!

There, I said it! And no, that is not me in the photo to your left. Unfortunately? Not so sure. You tell me.

Anyway, here's one holiday that, on the face of it, I could easily subscribe to, what with being a radical atheist, and all that.

Well, yes. Sort of. At least it's not obviously a religious event.

However, it has almost as much meaning as Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Ramadan, or what have you), which is none, really. It's just a marker, making it easier for us to refer to the times past, and future. You should already know that it is not really possible to refer to the time present: by the time you referred to it it's gone and become past.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. Is there really anything special about a marker dividing our time ruler into (almost) evenly spaced periods? No. So why do we celebrate it? Well here, I think I have a few good reasons.

For one, why not? Everybody likes a good party. OK, not necessarily everybody, but you know what I mean. Miserable bastards don't deserve either a party or a new year (non-capitalisation deliberate).

Two... Do we need two at all, seeing as one, above, seems to cover any and all possible reasons? Oh, OK. I'll give in. Here's reason number two: we made it through another year alive! Yes, we could also say that then we can celebrate every single day we wake up. Well, in fact, I do. I just don't make it into a big party, and usually don't invite others to join in. I do give myself a present every now and then though. So, in summary, yes, there is a very good reason to nominate a day in the year when we celebrate survival, and hope for more of it. The fact that we choose to celebrate this on a particular day is just for ease of planning and remembering. After all, in ancient Rome, the year began in March, with the spring equinox.

Three? No. We most definitely do not need a third reason to eat, drink, and make marry for the New Year. So, without further ado, I wish you a very happy new year (non-capitalisation deliberate), and hope to see you for the next one as well.

Stay well, and have fun!

If you're wondering why a repost (again), it is the same for New Years as for Christmases: deep down, they're all the same...