Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Religion: Holier Than Thou

Our old friend vjack had a bit of  rant recently...

But no, this is not about how I felt the need to chastise him over his chastising of Richard Dawkins. Well, not really because he chastised him, but because - regardless of the riposte - he chose to see RD (just) as an atheist, rather than what he mostly stands for in this world. It is actually the whole of vjack's rant I want to address here. More precisely, I'd like to take issue with the whole concept of "rating" anyone's atheism. What I think vjack totally failed to see, even if his rant was almost on target, is that atheism is really a very discrete state. Binary, if you want. You are either an atheist - or you are not an atheist. It is not possible to not believe in god just a bit, or don't believe in god more than I don't believe in god. Such a notion is actually quite stupid.

Therefore, I submit that the whole vjack's rant is pointless, or rather, that it misses the point completely.

It is not at all about being more (or a better) atheist than someone else. The only thing that can be graded in this respect is how much one fights for the atheism and it's goals. In other words, you may (or may not) be a better atheist propagator. In that respect vjack's rant - at least when it concerns RD - is actually very wrong. For various reasons (but not one of them being that RD is a better person than vjack) RD is a better atheist propagator than both vjack and your truly. I think there should be no argument about that. And one of the main reasons this is so is precisely because RD is primarily an evolutionary biologist and an author - and a very good one he is, both author and evolutionary biologists. It is precisely these qualities which enable him to be more effective in his atheist propaganda. Bot vjack and yours truly still have to work very hard to equal - let alone beat - that.

So vjack, less ranting, raving, and rating, and more of the usual good work...