Friday, 15 July 2011

Introducing Grey Books

Ladies and gentlemen, children...

Grey Noughts is proud to introduce its new sibling. Very early this morning, way to early to tell you exactly when, our sister-blog Grey Books saw the light of day. Or, rather more appropriately, it saw a glimpse of a grey English summer dawn through the eyes still half closed.

Grey Books is really an offshoot of our Reading... page. As you can read in a bit more detail in the inaugural post, I felt that sometimes a few lines of an opinion about the book I've just read are not enough. To cater for such cases, and not clog these pages even more, I have decided to start a new blog, one dedicated entirely to ranting and raving about the books I read.

Will it be a success? Of course not! But at least it will avoid the pitfall of Grey Noughts which is a veritable mish-mash of everything and anything you can imagine - and then some. And I am reliably told that consistency of theme is a key to success in the blogosphere - and probably in life, too, but then is there life outside of the blogosphere?

Anyway, you should definitely hop over and check out Grey Books for yourself. Currently it only has the opening speech, as it were, but it will grow. I can even give you a little hint that a certain recently finished book will get a right old bashing, and very soon!

And with that, I give you... Grey Books!