Friday, 1 July 2011

Beer: Too Drunk To Spell

No, it's not me. I can spell even when inebriated... Honest.

What it is is a cause for celebration (I'm thinking a nice pint of Dr Hexter's Healer if I can get to one). The celebration itself is for reaching #1 in Google's search result ranking! Yes, you read it right: there is a Google search that will spit out yours truly's blog as #1 result. As a matter of fact, your truly occupies both #1 and #2 spots for this particular search. Yes, yes, I even beat Publishing Industry News. Go try yourself: click here (or here, if you prefer .com). Sadly, as you can see if you closely examine the search term, this is mostly for the illiteracy of JK Rowling's fan base. A bit strange for people who either have or want to read some books.

Actually, very strange, because they tend to misspell the name of their (and the books') hero. Maybe it's just those who get their literary fix from the movies? But those would presumably have seen Harry Potter's name in much larger print than if they've bothered to read a book. Or maybe they were just drunk? I mean, there's more people enjoying Harry Potter than just kids who don't (OK, shouldn't) drink at all. If I were JK Rowling I'd be a bit worried. Although I don't think she is: she's got too much money now to really care about more that just more money. But I've said all I had about that in the post that made me famous (well, a temporary #1 in Google search results). And you don't even have to search for it:

Just click here...

The search ranking may have changed between the time I write and you read this.