Saturday, 25 June 2011

Technology: I'm A Pervert

No, I have not (yet) turned this blog into a sexually charged one...

I am just using the word "pervert" to indicate the one who perverts in general, the meaning of the verb "to pervert" being defined here. But what is it that I am perverting? Well, the title holds a clue, no? Yes, you got it right, it's technology. But no, I do not mean that I am perverting technology to achieve some nefarious goals. I do not even mean that I am using technology to feed my perversions (if any). What I want to say is that, yesterday, I have used a few pieces of technology in quite a perverse manner.

Case in point: use Amazon MP3 app on my Nexus S to buy and download 101 80s Anthems (OK, I admit, this may count as a perversion). Now, why I'd use a mobile phone app to do this when I was sitting (admittedly quite comfortably) only six feet away from my laptop is anyone's guess. I think that "quite comfortably" had something to do with it.

Having sated my hunger for (some) things 80s, I now desired to transfer the songs to my laptop so they can be safely archived. Now, one could do that by connecting the phone to the laptop using a USB cable. But that would be too much work, and see also the "quite comfortable bit above". So, as one does, one uses ones Dropbox app on the phone to upload all 101 songs which the Dropbox daemon on the laptop (if you remember I am using Linux Mint at home) will immediately pull down from the cloud. Later, when one finally sits at ones laptop again, one can easily move the files to their proper place (no, I am not paying for hundreds of GB of storage - not even to Dropbox).

Now, if the procedure above is not a perverted way of going about downloading and archiving a bunch of MP3 songs, I don't know what is. Even when there are some mitigating circumstances. To wit: all this went over my home wireless and ADSL connections. In no way, and at no time, I have abused my employer's mobile data connection in order to satisfy my perverse lust for 80s music or my no less perverse laziness. Plus, Murray was playing Ljubičić on Wimbledon Centre Court, and that is a treat I get out of couch for no-one! But, as I said, even given these few facts to my credit, even I will freely admit that what I did was at least a tad silly.

Which is a good thing. Silly is good...