Sunday, 19 June 2011

Science: Of Happiness

Everybody knows money can buy only so much happiness...

Which is to say that once you have enough money (for your personal value of "enough") piling up any more does not result in proportional increase of your happiness. Whether inspired by this finding or not (but confirming it in the process, nevertheless), some "scientists" went on to spend their time and presumably somebody else's money in order to find out does money makes you happy, period. In the process they went through 40 years worth of other people's data spanning almost half a million survey respondents and a lot of surveys, of course. How such a meta-sample is valid for their purposes is anybody's guess (and mine is that it isn't), but when you add their own admission that "no single study included the two variables they were considering" one's mind truly boggles at their bold conclusions. Yes, I know that meta-studies often make sense, but IMNHO this one really takes the biscuit. Whatever meta you take (unless, maybe, methadone) I'm sure that for the truly poor money beats autonomy any day of the week. Or is this another Oxfam funded meta-study into keeping half of the world poor?

After all without poor, what would Oxfam and "scientists" do?