Friday, 3 June 2011

Beer: Or Cider

As mentioned here, I see cider as more of a holiday beverage...

This is not necessarily a curious thing. I know a good few people, some of them very well indeed, who have similar classifications. For example: Guinness (or any other stout) for winter, real ales for autumn (that's fall for you Yanks) and spring (and that's spring for you Yanks), and lager or cider for summer. I must say that these preferences make sense. Well, almost, considering the person in question usually goes for Guinness Extra Cold which kind of defeats the idea of warming yourself in the winter, but hey, we can't always be consistent, can we now? But anyway... I do see a reflection of this drinks-for-seasons system in my cider-for-holiday stance. After all, most holidays are taken when the weather is nice, and weekends are best when it's nice, warm, and sunny.

And nice, warm, and sunny is the quintessential cider weather, is it not?