Thursday, 26 May 2011

Politics: Of Shame (Updated)


It has now been confirmed that the person arrested indeed is Ratko Mladić, may he rot in prison for the rest of his days, and may those days be long and numerous...

As I write this it is still not certain Ratko Mladić has really been arrested...

What seems to have happened is that a man, who used a name Milorad Komadić and apparently resembles Ratko Mladić and has some of his "physical features", has been arrested on anonymous tip-off. DNA testing is in progress to check if he really is the monster of Bosnia. A shameful fact is that, just like in the case of Dr Radovan Karadžić (arrested as Dr Dragan David Dabić), the bastard has been arrested in Serbia, of all places. For Serbian government(s) this is now a true Osama bin Laden moment. I can only hope, for Serbia's sake, that they handle it better than Pakistan handled its own. And I also do hope that the DNA tests prove his identity, and that it then doesn't take long before he is delivered behind the bars of the Scheveningen prison. Oh, and that the court in Hague does not again allow the trial to run for ages or, worse, allow that Mladić dies of natural causes before being sentenced. And I have not a shadow of a doubt that he has to be found guilty of a lot of very, very bad things, and if nothing else then the Srebrenica massacre.

Once that is done, will Serbia be strong enough to also have its true Willy Brandt moment?