Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Food: Fodder (We Are)

Watch out, there's a new Big Brother about...

And no, I am not thinking of that reviled reality rumpus that one can sometimes stumble upon on TV. Unless, of course, your TV is IP enabled and you are a BT Broadband customer. Because, in that case, you do have a Big Brother, one that can (and sometimes does) keep a watchful eye over you. or at least your gadgets, the ones that you deem worthy of connecting to the Internet. As the article nicely explains, BT has both the capability to have a little check of what is connected to your home network. What's more, they also have the cheek to claim that it's for your own good. And even if no data is ever snooped on, I bet you're not comfortable with someone knowing exactly what networking enabled kit you have. And, while the article does not mention it explicitly, I bet that all the other ISPs have the exact same capability, whether they publicise or utilise it. So ditching BT in favour of someone you think you trust more may not be enough, and may not solve the problem. Worse, you may be lulled into false sense of security. Not a very nice feeling, and sadly I don't think I have a solution, either. I mean, would you give up your Internet access? The only thing that comes to mind is campaigning to bring this practice entirely into open, and then regulate the hell out of it so at least it's misuse can be punished, and everyone indulging forced to come clean. It may not be much, but it will take some sting out of someone knowing exactly what you have in your living room. Or bedroom, for that matter.

Anyone with an IP enabled sex toy? Or shall I ask BT?