Friday, 27 May 2011

Beer: How Much?!

I know, I know - griping about price hikes is a well worn theme...

And yet, I am to moan a bit today. Why wouldn't I? Am I not like the rest of us? No? Didn't think so, but it was worth a try. Anyway, I have recently been quite frankly shocked with the price of real ales. No, I do not necessarily think about the price at the pump, as it were. Yes, the pubs have become more expensive, but at least the prices of real ales there roughly track the prices of other booze, so while quite inconvenient, at least I do not feel personally cheated. However, when you move into supermarket aisles the horrible truth hits, and hits hard. From my completely unscientific sample, real ales tend to cost anywhere between 33 and 100% more than equivalently branded lager! Yes, a pint of Old Speckled Hen is infinitely better and more satisfying than a pint of Heineken, but does it really have to cost almost twice as much? Come on, I know that real ale lovers tend to be more affluent than lager loutsconnoisseurs, but surely not by that much? Even cider is not that much more expensive. To add insult to injury, the infamous "deals" tend to be few and far in between when it comes to real ales, too. And it seems very easy to maintain this horrible status quo, as real ale drinkers are not very likely to abandon their good taste just because it costs less to drink lager. Do I have any answers to this? Sure, and it is a very good one, indeed:

Drink less, or supplement with single malts... ;)