Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Science: An Experiment

What would science be without experiments? Religion comes to mind, but let's leave that for a Sunday...

Today, in the second Science post I won't talk about any news item, scientific discovery, or any other thing you may have gotten used to here. No, I am going to announce a couple of things to do with this blog, one of them a public service announcement, the other an experiment. I hope that the latter will be a success, or at least not a complete flop, and the former, well, neither you nor I can really do anything about it. Even if we wanted to. Which I don't.

So, without further ado...

A public service announcement
I am off on a holiday. Yes, again. I guess my company spoils me this way - too much money, too much holiday, too little sense. Mine. Turns out the forecast for Barcelona (yes, that's where I'm off) is much, much worse than for South of England (which is where I'm enjoying looking out of window right now - sun, warmth, bird, bees, that sort). But, it is a holiday, so I am going to make sure I bloody well enjoy it, if for nothing else then for the fact I won't be around to be drowned in hyperventilating coverage of the Royal Wedding.

So, with this in mind, you'd be excused for suspecting I'll either post less, or just prepare a bunch of posts for Blogger to automatically publish at various times over the next week or so (yes, I have been guilty of that). But, you'd be surprised - and wrong.

Which is where the experiment comes in...

An Experiment
I've been toying with the idea for a while, but it is now that I have decided to take a plunge and try one of the myriad post-from-your-mobile applications. Sadly, I could find none which could enable me to reliably post in the format(s) I like and got used to (and you got used to and like, one hopes). So, it seems that the posts will have to be quite a simple affair of a title, and haphazardly formatted (if at all) text.

Not to mention that I will be on holiday (see above) so probably won't want to bother too much with either writing or thinking (much better to devote time to drinking - especially since thinking, as opposed to drinking, has never been a particular strength of mine).

So, there you have it: an experiment, if ever there was one. It probably isn't best conceived as it fiddles with at least two parameters (holiday and posting tool), but hey, it's still worth a try. After all if it works as well as I have hopes for it I will need to seriously consider doing more of it - both posting on the move and being on holiday.

And that can only be a good thing, no?