Monday, 4 April 2011

Business: Customer Is Always Right

Flipping the virtual pages today, the following caught my mind...

No, I am not going to bother you (again) with a tract on how prostitution is just like any other business. For one, I've done that already (at least once), and two, I just want to share the first hand account on why, exactly, very little businesses accept American Express cards (or as The Honest Courtesan points out at least was the reason until a few years ago). No need to trust my word on it, here's the relevant quote:
Have you ever wondered why so few businesses accept the American Express card? It’s partly because though they don’t advertise it, Amex has a policy (or at least had; it may have changed in recent years) that basically made it impossible for a merchant to foil a chargeback if the customer was persistent enough.
For the rest, and much, much more wise and useful words, you could do much, much worse than spending some serious time listening to the nice lady. And to American Express:

Customers do like to be always right, but then they also want to see a service is actually available to them...