Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Food: Taste Of Sweden

Sadly, taste of Sweden for me is still only one of interminable business meetings...

Yes, you guessed it right: my business trip, the one mentioned yesterday, is to Sweden. Stockholm, to be precise. Only I never really had time to explore either the city or its cuisine. And I've been here three times in as many years. The grand total of the sightseeing time: 2 hours. On a very cold, very windy, and very cloudy March day. My experience of local cuisine? Nil. But, this time I have at least tried to come up with a menu of Swedish food that I think I'd enjoy on a lucky day I can spend some "quality time" in the country:
  1. K├Âttsoppa
  2. Gravlax
  3. Pyttipanna
  4. Ostkaka
Now, if only there were a restaurant serving all of the above...