Monday, 21 March 2011

Business: Falling Asleep At The Wheel

If you were following Indian Wells finals last night you'd be excused for being confused by some BBC reporting...

Yes, I know. If you visited the link above right now you'd be equally excused for being puzzled as to what I am referring to. Having realised this last night I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of the offending carelesness on part of the BBC:

(click on the photo for full size view)

Note the text below the image? Night shift well and truly fell asleep at the wheel. For all I know this may have been caused by the falling forehead of the sports journalist on call banging the wrong key and sending out the pre-prepared text for the wrong winner. Luckily, this silliness does not change the reality of Novak Đoković's 18 wins long winning streak, and I'm sure Nadal will also just put a wry smile on his face next time BBC interviews him.

To sum up: well done Đoković, and BBC, well, just try not to make it 18 in a row, too...

If you're wondering how this is "business" news, well, BBC is in the business of giving us true and impartial news coverage (among other things), so this is very clearly a business failure for them - a bug if you want.