Friday, 25 March 2011

Beer: Oscars

Apparently, the Brewing Industry International Awards are considered beer Oscars...

And, according to a little piece in Four Shires Magazine, Hook Norton brewery pretty much cleaned up with Hooky Bitter winning gold for bottled beer, Double Stout silver for dark ales, and finally Hooky Dark a bronze in the cask ale category. What can I say other than well done Hook Norton? Well, as a matter of fact, there is a couple of things. First, I'd like to say that I have sampled all three of these beers and can only wholeheartedly recommend them, and commend the judges on their good taste. They are (the ales, not the judges) something I actively look for at beer festivals.

The other thing, as you can see, deserves a separate paragraph because it actually has almost nothing to do with beer. This is to express my anger and loathing towards the rag mentioned above the web site of which is designed in that stupid way that prevents right clicking and copying of text. For one, preventing me fro right clicking means I am prevented from accessing any browser functionality thus accessed - including things that have nothing to do with the actual web site I'm on. And then making fair (re)use of content - as in copy a bit and comment on it - more difficult than necessary is just plain evil. Therefore, as a small way of retaliating, I do not provide any links to it. I even considered not mentioning the rag's name at all.

So, to sum up, another well done to Hook Norton, and shame on you, and woe betide you, stupid Four Shires Magazine...

After all the well dones, I do have to say that Hook Norton's own web site could do with a re-design and, more importantly, more details about their beers.