Monday, 14 February 2011

Technology: Nah! It's Politics Again

So, David Cameron is staging The Big Society fightback...

And not only that, but he is allegedly reassuring us that his big idea (that'd be The Big Society, not he other one) has nothing whatsoever to do with the spending cuts. Presumably he'll also say that the spending cuts won't affect The Big Society, either. Well, I can actually buy the latter. I mean, to all who have half a brain cell The Big Society, i.e. making ordinary people do more, i.e. volunteer more, is in fact a spending cut. More done by me, in my own free time, the less the government has to spend in paying someone else to do it. It makes sense. And it makes sense in more ways than one. And it's that other way it makes sense that I can understand and commend. This sense being, let's all pull a little bit more and we can then have a better and richer society. I've nothing against volunteering. Heck, I'd do it, too. And I also don't have anything much against government being thrifty in cases where thrift is justified - and does not harm the society, e.g. when a lot of people are volunteering. What does not make sense to me, however, is trying to sell The Big Society as something it really isn't, and that is whatever muddled rationale Mr Cameron spouts every so often.

Sorry mate. You only make sense when you call spade a spade...

For another example of issues Mr Cameron's ideas please bear with me for an hour.