Friday, 11 February 2011

Technology: Crash Of The Titans

I know it's old news already, and I know it comes as no surprise, but...

But, I can't shake the feeling that Nokia and Microsoft marriage will not be one made in heaven. Nokia gets to replace it's middling Ovi search with not-so-middling Bing (what a name for a search engine, eh?). Microsoft does seem to get a better deal by getting Nokia Maps to replace its poor offering. And Windows Phone 7? Who knows? It does seem to have promise, but it's nowhere near either Android nor Apple's iOS. Early sales figures are worrying if unclear and possibly unreliable. FWIW, I know I wouldn't by a Windows Mobile 7 phone. I mean, what's with these huge rectangles on the home screen? Yuck!

So, good luck Nokia, and not so much Microsoft, but I would start to worry, right about... NOW!

A really cunning move would be to go with both Google and Microsoft.

The markets may be vindicating my suspicions. As I write this Nokia shares are down more than 8% in Helsinki.