Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Science: Of UI Genius

A couple of days ago I came across this article about UI improvements Google suggests for its Chrome browser...

I have deliberately given it a couple of days' thought. Having read it originally it sounded like a great idea. I mean, every change that gives me more screen space for what I'm actually looking at - without sacrificing functionality, of course - can only be welcome. So, having thought about it for a little while I must admit I still think the idea of getting rid of the address bar is great. I only ever use it when I type in the URL I want to visit anyway. Most of the time I select a URL from a bookmark anyway. Not to mention that in Firefox I already remove most of the clutter by placing all the buttons in the same line as the menus, as well as the search and address boxes. So, for me, Google's idea sounds just perfect. I can't wait for them to push it into a Chrome beta release.

An almost blank screen... don't you want one, too?