Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Science: By Accident

Just when everyone started losing faith a cure for boldness will ever be found - this...

A few UCLA scientists stumbled upon a compound (astressin-B) that seems to very efficiently cure baldness. True, it has been shown to work in mice genetically modified to produce sh*t-loads of the stress protein CRF, but a) mice are quite similar to humans in many ways (yes, they are), and b) the cure seems to be long term, too. So, it does seem that it is one of those lucky instances where we look for one thing and find quite another, almost as useful. Almost, because the original research was aimed at reducing the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome. It does seem that a beer is called for... but we'll have to wait for that until tomorrow.

Oh, I just hope that the human version of the cure does not make hair grow all over - as in mice...

A quick note: I can happily write about this knowing all along that I will not need such a cure. 8-D