Sunday, 20 February 2011

Religion: Peddling False Dichotomies

Have a look at the photo I took earlier...

Do you see anything wrong on it (not with it - there's an awful lot wrong with it in an artistic sense and it was taken on my phone)? See that poster on the right of the billboard? The one that presents the world (and the dog) with a very stark choice indeed? Can it really be that everything in life boils down to only one of two choices: luck and trusting in god? Presented like that it seems that anyone with not "trusting in god" (should that really be "believing"?) is reduced to wandering this valley of tears with nothing but the luck to rely on. Nothing at all I can do for myself (or others)? Come on! If you want to reel people into your favourite cult, please try and show a bit more sense and better handle on logic? Because otherwise you are really relying on luck to get you only the people who cannot see through your poor advertisements!

And to think you consider yourself as "trusting in god" and thus in no need of luck...

The church and its billboard being right opposite a pedestrian crossing, if I decide to cross on red, if I "trust in god" will I not need luck not to be run over by a speeding lorry I thought I could outrun?