Monday, 28 February 2011

Religion: Oh No, You Won't

A major win for common sense and increased equality of all and sundry...

A Pentecostal Christian (WTF?) couple, Eunice and Owen Johns, have been most definitely barred from fostering children. The reason? Their views on homosexuality. Yes, you guessed it they hold it's bad. Very bad. Well, now Johns's know that holding such views in a modern society, one hell bent (I like that phrase!) on equality, is almost as equally bad. For them. So, no fostering of children, in which process they would have no doubt poisoned their little minds with their bigotry, too. Sadly, this High Court decision comes too late for some 15 children they already "fostered" or, maybe better said, indoctrinated in their particular view of who deserves salvation ro whatever goodies they consider worthy of decent people.

The only other thing to say is: good on ya High Court!