Thursday, 17 February 2011

Politics: Misguided

It is not very often I agree with the musings of Andrew Orlowsky, but in this particular case I could have co-signed the article...

A certain professor Uma Suthersanen apparently wrote up a piece of "academic" writing praising pre-industrial protections of creators' and innovators' rights and consequent livelihood. Only, as it happens, she is actually advocating stripping of all such rights apart from some vague notion of corporate and/or state patronage. Worse, she even deems clever to muse about the pre-industrial people being more "in touch with nature" (presumably also in a better way than us poor industrialised sods). Probably most disturbingly (on top of the veiled racism of "pre-industrial people are in touch with nature" bit) is that Ms Suthersanen proposals are actually calling for a return of the system that was tried - and didn't work - in every single socialist/communist country to date. As Andrew nicely put it when wrapping up his piece: curiouser and curiouser.

Oh, and I didn't even tell you the last bit: Ms Suthersanen's work has been endorsed by UK Department of Business...

I tried to get my hands of the Questionnaire in question, but couldn't find it - not even on Ms Suthersanen's own web page at Queen Mary, University of London.