Friday, 18 February 2011

Beer: Public Service Announcement

BBC have just revealed that there's a huge recall of beer bottles...

Apparently, Youngs's are warning that loose glass particles may be found in some of the 750,000 bottles they shipped since 4 January 2011. The recall comprises a total of 12 brands, namely:

  • Wells Bombardier Burning Gold 500ml
  • Wells Bombardier 500ml
  • Young's Ram Rod 275ml
  • Courage Best Bitter 500ml
  • Young's Light Ale 275ml
  • Courage Directors 500ml
  • Mongoose Premium Lager 330ml
  • Mongoose Premium Lager 670ml
  • Wells Banana Bread Beer 500ml
  • Young's Bitter 500ml
  • Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Luckily for me, neither have I bought any of these recently, nor there are many of my favourites on the list. The only one I consume with any regularity is Bombardier. The only other one I can recommend is Banana Bread Beer - which tastes way better than you'd think. From the rest I think I'd like to give the first and the last a go, but others I've either tried and decided I don't quite like or they don't even sound like they're worth a try (e.g. the Mongoose Lagers).

Anyway, look through your beer fridge and lose any and all of the above until declared safe!