Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Science: Don't Glow!

Soon we'll have another good reason not to glow in the dark...

According to this article in The Economist, a method has been developed to make human cancer cells glow, and glow red. Apparently, the original jellyfish green was not such a good colour for this purpose, so a red version was developed, too. After all, red is so much better for this particular use. Now, only if the cost of the required camera was to fall, and fall a lot (it currently stands at a hefty £500,000) and we can be all set to detect the tiniest cancers and get rid of them while we still can. Personally, this particular cancer-colouring virus is a virus that I wouldn't mind being infected with - even if one version is derived from HIV.

But, are we then be even more afraid of the dark?