Sunday, 2 January 2011

Religion: Choosing To Be A Bigot

So, the first few of the revolting Anglicans have now become Catholics...

But, looking at this with a slightly less rose-tinted glasses, isn't this move just a not-yet-reviled form of saying, very publicly, that you are a bigot, and as such will much rather choose to renounce what you once considered sacred just so you can remove yourself from the vicinity of your fellow human beings - the same ones (both of) your religion(s) teach you to love - fellow human beings you consider sick at best, and sinners at worst? Because, see, you are choosing Catholicism over Anglicanism, because the latter believes that women and homosexuals are just the same as everybody else.

There is not other way of putting it: you are a bigot, and you are proud of it. Shame on you...

Do not, for one moment, even start thinking I believe Anglicanism is somehow a "good" religion. But, at least they're trying.