Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rant: A Coincidence?

Just a moment ago two of my favourite technology news web sites, Ars Technica and The Register, have almost simultaneously (within 13 minutes of each other) published reviews of the same game, Mass Effect 2 for Sony Playstation 3.

One must wonder how much of this is coincidence and, after wondering just a little bit, conclude that no, there isn't very much coincidence here. After all, technology web sites live and die by the number of people who read their content, and since Mass Effect 2 is a new release a lot of people are going to look for reviews. Technology web sites also live and die by the support of the industry, so they surely want to be seen as doing their bit in promoting it. Interestingly, The Register is famous for being not invited to any Apple events, but as with all marketing, bad press is good in its own way. So, all in all, not unexpected.

But, does it make me likelier to read the review? Well, no - not at all. Quite the opposite. Being in a mad rush to dosh is one thing, seeing to be in one is quite another...