Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Food: Gastroporn

Interestingly, Nigella Lawson is mentioned only half way through this article about "gastroporrn"...

True, she is introduced as the "queen" of the genre, but I can't help but wonder if she's introduced so late because she's entered that phase of life when it's difficult to maintain many of one's qualities - culinary being just one of those? But anyway, it seems we now have yet another porn genre to join the "proper", X-rated variety, and that other one of my pet hates, the property porn. Which is, emphatically, not a good thing. There was never anything wrong with the X-rated variety, and the other two are just giving it a bad reputation. Especially since the stars of all three, male and female alike, do tend to share a lot: good looks and limited (and sometimes quite raw, see under Ramsey, Gordon) vocabulary.

Now, regardless of being a bit sickened by it, I surely wouldn't mind if you bought the latest Jamie Oliver's best-seller, by clicking right here. Thanks!