Monday, 27 September 2010

The Monster Revealed!

You may remember that a little more than a year ago I raved about the list of greatest songs I have created for my own, private, listening pleasure. And what a pleasure it was. Indeed, what a pleasure it still is! It has been with me ever since, moving as required between various devices. Nothing has been added, nothing taken away. Perfection.

You may also remember I promised to, eventually, publish the whole list. You'd be excused if you forgot, but I haven't. It may have taken a (long) while, but I have finally done it, and have presented it to world+dog here. Go have a look. Go on, don't be shy.

Yes, I know it's long. How could it not be? It covers close to half a century of ex-Yugoslav music. Also, if you don't plan on being bored to death by your own "favourite" music, and you're not into spending time every day (or even just every week) to come up with a new mix, you do need a lot of tunes to submit to your player's shuffle function. But you knew that already.

I also know it's eclectic. Very much so, in fact. But then, there's no accounting for tastes, is there? If I did a similar thing for non-Yugoslav music you'd probably find my tastes even more eclectic - if that's at all possible. Add a pinch of classical music, and you'd have my entire musical life revealed.

I may even be tempted to do a "world" monster list. You'd be well advised to watch this space if you're in any way interested. I wouldn't expect to see a classical music monster list, though. The main reason being, classical music is not really well suited for shuffle play on the way to work - even if you list contains only classical music. And if you wanted to mix all of your music all at once then classical would not work at all. Trust me. I have actually tried (a small, controlled, double-blind experiment). It didn't work.

I think this is more than enough said for now. I'll leave you to peruse and ponder on the list while I hit the "next" button and see - or rather hear - what's next in store.

I know this little text comes out days after I have actually published the list
So what...