Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Focus On Religion: Gone!

This past week has been just too busy with news and views about religion. 

First it was the criminally irresponsible nonsense in America with burning other people's religious books. As you may have noticed, I couldn't resist commenting on that particular thing at some length

Hot on it's heels came the papal visit to Britain. Hailed as "historic" it almost lived up to expectations. It certainly did show how Catholic church's misunderstanding of life, as well as its aggressive stance, have reached historic proportions. Let me list but a few of issues that marred the event:

For one, almost 80% of Britons disagreed with spending public money on the visit by a leader of, in Britain, a minority faith.

Then, a security blunder. At least this one was funny. Up to a point.

Next, and in advance of his visit, Pope found it prudent to thank all Britons. Only he didn't thank all of them. Just the ones who prayed. So no thanks to those who financed it, even if they didn't really want to. Bad.

Just before the Pontiff arrives it transpires that the faithful (and presumably others) who wanted to see him up close actually had to pay for the privilege. It seems that for that, or other reasons, many people decided to just not bother, and tens of thousands of tickets went unsold. Touch√©...

And then, the visit proper started. Tellingly, right there at the Heathrow airport one of the Cardinals let rip into the host country, equating landing at Heathrow to landing in a third world country. The Cardinal was promptly sent packing, but frankly, with a start like that, the immigration should have turned back the whole unruly bunch - as holy as they think themselves they are.

The dust on the previous insult didn't even settle, when the big boss himself found it appropriate to tell the Queen (of all people - she's not even Catholic!) that the dangers of secularism (read: atheism) can easily lead to Nazi-style atrocities. No amount of interpretation can make this one go away, but I am at least happy that Pope fell into the Godwin's Law trap. Loser...

After this last one, and in the view of the whole sequence of events, I found it really difficult to even post my promised Sunday Religion news item over here. I also shredded (a manner of speech) a couple of posts meant for this place about a couple of aspects of religion that I found interesting (to bash - of course - what did you expect?). Instead, I decided to write this short overview of what turned out to be a highly annoying, stressful, and insult-full, if not insightful, week of religious malarkey. The way I feel right now, I think it'll be quite some time before I write anything about any religion again. Mostly because if I do, it will probably only degenerate into a furious rant, and we don't want that, do we?

But then again, if a particular thought comes unbidden and forces itself out of my fingertips... One never knows.