Saturday, 5 June 2010

Not There Yet - Still

I've just read this, and had the following to say about it:

The fact even The Economist believes that any protests in Eastern (communist?) Europe were ever really about "the right to demonstrate peacefully, even for unpopular causes" shows quite well why Western democracies never seem to be able to handle countries that tick to a different beat.

The protest were ever only about what would not be classed as unpopular liberal (libertarian?) sort of belief system. Yes, the regimes were oppressive. But no, the populace was not necessarily pro-democracy in the modern Western sense. What people wanted was more money and freedom to spend it on more than was available.

This is well borne out by the Balkans recent history:

What is it we want? Money! When do we want it? Now! What do we want to give up in order to have it? Nothing! So you don't really want true equality and western style democracy? Nooo!

Ever since I changed habitat from East to West I see that the old adage is very true: the road to hell is paved by best intentions.

Most of the best intended policies West had towards East in the past twenty years have in fact backfired. I don't even want to go to West vs Muslim World issue, only partly because it's not something I've lived myself at the receiving end.

I have changed "Not even true equality?" to "So you don't really want true equality and western style democracy?" after I have realised it was not quite matching the paragraph and may have been misunderstood.