Sunday, 11 April 2010

Socks At Oxbridge

Post are coming thick and fast these days. Could it be anything to do with my recent visit to a small Scandinavian country? I doubt it. Apart from being eye-poppingly expensive, I could hardly describe the trip as inspirational. Good fun, very enjoyable - yes. Inspirational? Sorry Denmark, but - no.

So, where does this post come from then (the provenance of the other two recent ones is much easier to establish, knowing where my interests tend to lie)?

In a very literal way, and not at all meant to pass judgement, it comes from the porcelain throne all of us use on a regular basis. Well, not quite from it, if I'm to be honest. It was the women's weekly Grazia that sat right next to it, and me having (in)conveniently forgotten to bring my Sony Reader, or even my phone, along I had to resort to thumbing through Grazia's glossy pages.

What caught my eye, and to the extent that I just had to read it, was an article by the newly found blogger prudish media wants to hate, or at least pass judgement on. It's a girl, a young woman really, a student at Oxbridge (for those unfamiliar with the name, either Oxford or Cambridge universities - in United Kingdom, of course, where else?). What does the young lady blog about? Sex. A lot of it apparently (or so she, and the media seem to think). So far so good, but the inevitable question arises: so what?

I thought we're in the middle (officially start, but you know what I mean) election campaign. Shouldn't the Daily Tory... oops, Telegraph be busy with more important and serious matters that face the country? I guess not, really, as Tories have called Britain a broken society (I think it's broke, not broken, but who am I to know), and this is likely come just at the right time to prop up that particular argument. Extremely convenient timing, in fact. The young lady started writing her blog only in February. I am not suggesting this is all a Tory plot. Whatever I think of them (and that's not much) I know they're better than that. However, what does align with what I think of their real world view is nicely exposed by the fuss about Sex @ Oxbridge. Shock, horror! Young people (and in fact not that young) are having (a lot) of sex with each other, and are drinking (a lot), too. Earth to Tories: this has been the case since the dawn of man (the former), or at least the invention of alcoholic beverages (the latter, around 6,000 years ago - give or take a thousand). And the young lady is also supporting and calling for safe sex, and responsibility in education, etc, etc.

But enough about the "public" "outrage" (or at least unhealthy voyeuristic interest). It is (believe it or not) just the secondary thing I wanted to write about. It's just that I am weak, and can rarely pass up on a chance for a shot across the bow of Tories (and similar). What I wanted to say a word or two about is the actual writing of the mysterious young lady. Let's then see what's there to find.

In short, not a lot, really. But of course I will expand...

I've covered the theme and content above. The same things I said about Tory (misplaced) interest apply here: young people having a lot of sex, and a lot of drink. Bah! Old news. Not worth the bits it occupies in the blogosphere. Yes, it's written in quite good, and pleasant to read manner. But it would be seriously worrying if an Oxbridge student showed any less skill. Still, as well written as it is, it won't win any literary prizes. It is really just a well written essay on a set theme, maybe leaning a bit on the diary side.

It also shows the young lady reads a lot (as she should if she's not to shame her alma mater). Unfortunately, she also seems to copy a lot from what she's read. There are a few very distinct places I recognised as having read elsewhere (and quite a long time ago, too). The most prominent of those is where, talking about request for anal sex, she says something along the lines of "I don't even give head, so what makes you think I'd let you put it there?". I know for a fact I have seen this before, and on more than one occasion. And I know I have not heard it from someone - I have read it. It could be that we both read similar texts (including some pr0n, er erotic literature). That should be commendable - for the young lady.

Are there any good things I found? Yes, of course. I'd be really disingenuous (and too much like Daily Telegraph) if I said there aren't. Most notably (and well spotted by others, too, sadly not Grazia, and not the Telegraph) it's the (secret) naming of people by Tube stations they remind the young lady of. That really is cute, original, fun, and possibly something one could try for oneself (not necessarily with the Tube - please pick your own set of metaphors). Sadly, the rest is really just telling the world about sex (and a few other things), and how and why one does it (drinking, too - but I guess that's less important). We've all done sex (well, most of us, anyway), maybe not like that or as much as that, but in the end sex is sex is sex - and the young ladies is not even very adventurous (some would say perverted, but then I don't have a lot of time for prudes).

So, in the final analysis: much ado about nothing. Is Sex @ Oxbridge worth following? Not really, unless you are after being "outraged" by the British "broken society", and how young people these days... And if you thought about following Sex @ Oxbridge for much more earthly reasons, may I suggest a good book instead? You may even learn something new. Even better, stop reading about other people's bedroom (and other rooms, too) activities, and find someone to do the same things with yourself. It's much more fun, believe me. I've tried it, and it feels good...