Sunday, 11 April 2010

Post 101

In all the (undue) excitement and (even more uncalled for) haste to write the previous post I have managed to completely miss the momentous fact that it was my hundredth. And maybe this is for the better, as now I can write about this (un)important fact in the Post 101. This allows me to gratuitously mention one of my favourite books of all time, 1984, by one of my most favourite authors of all time, George Orwell. You'd be well advised to study all he has written.

As you may, or may not, know the Room 101 from 1984 (I refuse to type the full blown title - sorry) holds what one fears most. It is obvious (or at least it should be) from my musings here that I hold little in the way of fear, at least related to the topics I choose to cover. Still, there is a little more than just a tenuous link between the fearful Room 101 and Grey Noughts. As you may have noticed, there was at least one occasion when I when I feared my words would dry up, and this will become just one more of the myriad dead blogs Internet is rife with. I was prepared for Grey Noughts to fail, as in not be read (they aren't, much), but I didn't want to be seen as just one of many also-rans, me-toos, and similar who start with what seemed like a good idea at the time, but then let it wither and die an ignominious death.

Well, having got to Post 101, I think I can safely say that my fears were not well grounded. If anything, I seem to have more and more to say. Although, it may be fairer to say that I have lost a lot of the reluctance (fear?) of actually spending some time to put to words, and into this blog, at least some of those things I have an opinion of, opinion that I think may be worth (for whatever it is worth) sharing with the world.

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying my opinions are be all and end all of any theme I decide to write about. They're just that - opinions. Things I think about, and having thought about them, find that I need to let my thoughts into the open - even if nobody ever reads them. It adds so much clarity to them (the ones still just inside my head) that I can only recommend you try putting yours down on paper (or some more modern medium). It feels good, and it sharpens that brilliant toll (organ!) we are blessed with (by Nature, certainly no deity!) so much it feels physically good, too. Oh, we may, every now and then, trample some toes in the process, but hey, where would the man be if everybody always agreed with everybody else. It's never like that in Nature. Even amoebas would tell you it isn't, only if they could speak (or write, or use a computer).

So, it's been a good hundred (and one) posts, and hopefully I have strength and will to churn out a (good) few more. I am not making any promises, especially not about (not) trampling on toes. I don't mind telling you I may sometimes use may keyboard as an aim to (metaphorically!) shoot at a target. To illustrate this, and to treat you for my hundred and first post, here's one more photo. Enjoy it, and hopefully a lot more of what you find on these pages...