Friday, 23 April 2010

Diaspora - The Saga Continues (UPDATED)

UPDATE (23 April 2010)

As expected Mr Kreculj replied to my last letter. Interestingly, this time he chose to tone down his language, even if he also chose not to up his other debating skills (if any are to be found there at all). More importantly, Vreme have chosen to close the debate at this point. While I could probably call on the Serbian law governing printed publications with respect to right to response I have no intention of doing so. Mr Kreculj is hardly worth it, and, in his latest missive, he also really got out of his way to present himself as uneducated at best, and ignorant at worst (one cannot claim any expertise in parliamentarism if one doesn't even know when American revolution took place). I can only hope that most, if not all, readers of Vreme will notice this, and see Mr Kreculj for what he really is - at least with respect to his views on how parliaments should be set up in modern democracies.

Sadly, I managed to miss the footnote in which Vreme announced the closing of the debate, and have spent considerable time and effort crafting a reply (and crafting it was!). Since I will not press Vreme to publish it I am yet to decide what to do with it. I will give it some time, but I am leaning towards publishing it in its entirety on my personal web pages (i.e. not here). I will keep you posted, but I can reveal that in my reply I solemnly, and publicly promise that I will not further engage with Mr Kreculj in Vreme. Shame that Vreme got there before me...

Just a quick update on the "diaspora" saga and polemic.

Vreme has now published my response to Mr Kreculj I told you about last week. While the published text certainly does justice to my point of view and the tone I wanted to assume I must also note that it has been shortened (quite considerably, in fact - only 1331 out of 2073 words I sent have been published). The whole of my last numbered point (yes, I mistakenly labelled it 7 rather than 6) is missing, as is the closing paragraph or two. You can, of course, still read the whole text (still only in Serbian). 

There is another (minor?) mistake that the editors made. For reasons completely beyond me, Vreme found it necessary to guess the town of my residence. Of course, they got it wrong, stating it's London. I do not live in London. I have never lived in London. It is simple enough to find out where I do live provided one tries. As it is, Vreme joins the club of all those who seem to believe that all places in United Kingdom (or at least Great Britain - if they knew the difference) are called London. They are not. London might be really big, but it's not that big.

Anyway, now I just have to sit still and wait to see what (if anything? if only!) Mr Kreculj comes up next. I may even dignify him with an(other) reply. Bigger miracles have happened...