Friday, 9 April 2010

Diaspora - Revisited

Today is apparently all about revisiting old themes...

You may, or more likely may not, remember my comment on an article published in Belgrade weekly political Vreme. If you do not, there's still time to scroll down a few pages, have a look and, in case you can read Serbian, or trust Google Language Tools, even read the original text Mr Kreculj published in the same magazine. Go on, have a look, while I have a little think about how to continue...

Back? OK. I'm ready, too.

Now, as you must know by now, my little article below has been published in Vreme. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mr Kreculj felt an urge to respond. Well, respond is not quite strong enough to describe what his urge produced. Bile and invective content-free missive sounds more appropriate. Have a look yourself, it was published in this week's issue. I'm afraid Google translation can't possibly do it justice (and some kind of justice is what it deserves, trust me).

Again as you may or may not know, there's a Serbian proverb along the lines of "the wise take a step back". Usually, I agree with it, and do not afford certain people the satisfaction of a polemic. Unfortunately, and as someone very close and dear to me nicely rhymed with the above proverb (in Serbian, for whatever it's worth: "pametniji popušta, al' gluplji ne dopušta"), sometimes that other one oversteps the line of no reply. Therefore, I put a metaphorical pen to the paper (i.e. fingertips to the keyboard) and composed a response.

I expect this response to appear in next week's Vreme, but in the meantime you can read it, just as I intended it, on my personal web site. As I say there as well, I have no intention of translating this, or Mr Kreculj's, handiwork any more. You'll either have to learn Serbian or trust Google. I'd opt for the former if I were you, but since I know you may not have time and/or inclination Google translation is your second best choice.

Or, in fact, your second best choice is to find someone really nice, of your preferred sex, who can translate for you, and that way you catch two flies in one swipe, as it were. I actually highly recommend this approach, even if along the way it means you forget about me, Mr Kreculj, and this whole business. Your SO will always be much more fun.