Monday, 12 April 2010

Apple Shoots Foot, Steve Weighs In, Fruitlessly

If you are (un)fortunate enough to be developing for any of the later Apple handheld platforms (plus the iPad) you have just been shot and wounded by the bullet Apple sent through its own foot. I cannot do this subject half the justice guys at Ars Technica did, so I'll direct you there for the very good analysis of the silly decision even Jesus, er... Steve Jobs found necessary to weigh in on - of course on the wrong, fruit(cake) side of. 

What I can add to this whole sorry mess (OK, not necessarily sorry from my point of view) is that if you even pretend to be offering public a computing platform, or even a platform (product) that purports to be able to run third party software, unless you ban that same, third party, software outright (and even then you can only ever just try to make it hard to write and/or install) it is silly to the point of stupidity and self-destruction to mandate how exactly said third parties are to come up with it. 

Banning tools for writing software that (is the major thing that) makes your product desirable is much worse than shooting yourself in the foot - it may mean you really don't care being shot in the head whilst aiming for the next guy. The fact you still breathe then has much more to do with the next guy being slow, and your user being dazzled by the bling of your original platform much more than by what it may (or more likely may not) offer them in the long run.