Friday, 22 January 2010

What The Teachers Are For?

In the ever increasing tendency to shove UK towards a litigious, claim happy, someone always have to take the blame society (not unlike US really - not a good thing). To wit, the teacher's union will advise its members not to try to step into playground fights between the students. I wonder, who is then going to be responsible for stopping such fights? The police? Or maybe we can let the pupils fight it out until the bitter end. Fingers crossed it doesn't end in tears like this. Admittedly this didn't happen in the school-yard, but with nobody to stop it, what's the difference?

Also, a question begs: what is the role of teachers in this day and age?

Judging by this kind of (over)reaction, it seems that they'll be happiest if they could teach remotely, or maybe behind a bullet-proof glass? And who is responsible for maintaining order on a day to day basis within school premises? And those must certainly include playgrounds. Oh, maybe we should start employing private security contractors. It'll certainly help the unemployment figures.

This direction surely is wrong!

Oh, and don't even start me on that teacher who wanted monetary compensation for being hurt a bit by a pupil with special needs. With special needs, for crying out loud! Surely that kid cannot be held fully responsible? Surely, teachers in such schools should expect that their work, as well as their charges, is going to be a bit more difficult than elsewhere? Surely being a teacher is more a vocation than just another job? If for a person it isn't they probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

I've no more time to bang on about this, but you catch my drift. let's try and be sensible and sensitive enough about these things. It's much easier than it sounds, and much more worth than any monetary compensation ever will be, especially the meagre one of £2500.