Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Social Media Gone Too Far

Yesterday, Facebook announced they will make it possible for dead people to retain their Facebook pages. There's a few (easily spoofed, if need be) hoops through which family or friends need to jump to make this happen, and then the deceased profile will again become visible.

If this were the only thing that happened, i.e. the "works" of the deceased becoming visible to all and sundry, I may even applaud the move (very, very cautiously). However, it seems that a certain circle of people will also be able to continue commenting on the profile.

Yes, Facebook will limit this to those "close" to the deceased, but aren't those same people the most likely perpetrators of any "vandalism" (not to mention crimes against good taste)? And who is going to police any comments left, and how?

I never had very high opinion of Facebook in the first place (been, ran, am haunted still), this seems to be truly social media gone mad, wild, and sour. What's next? Dead allowed to tweet?

Silly. Just plain silly...