Thursday, 29 October 2009

So What

Shock! Horror! Andre Agassi reveals he used drugs 12 years ago. He also lied to ATP officials when asked if he did (at least they declined to comment). Now the media (and blogosphere, too) are, apparently, abuzz with moral consternation, and all sorts of similar comments and worries. And hopefully some of a different kind. On my part I'd like to add to all this brouhaha with a comment of an indifferent kind. My reaction to the news?

So what.

For those who believe drugs are bad, they are. Even Andre said so in his book. There's nothing in the story to be read as shining any good light on drugs, drug use, and addicts. Quite to the contrary.

For those who may be confusing Andre's drug use with doping, well, I doubt crystal meth does any good for your backhand. What better example than Andre himself, whose career returned back to form only after the drug "incident".

And finally, for those who fear a bad example may be given, what bad example? How bad is an example where someone admits to being stupid enough to use drugs, but then shows how one can extricate oneself from that particular quagmire, and still have strength enough left to become one of the most successful sportsman of our time.

So, to those who'd now like to stamp their little feet all over the bald, and bold, head of Andre Agassi:

You think you have the right to judge?

So what!

Image attribution: Chris Josefy, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License