Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Nothing to say?

So, I take a break, and you think I've nothing more to say. Bad you!

I know, I know, the worst malady that can hit a blog is it's author sort of fading away. Will it happen to me? Eventually, and undoubtedly, yes! Nothing lasts forever. But, there's still things for me to write here, fret not. I just may not have one every day. I spoilt you, I know. But that was only because I did not have an outlet like this one before. So, there was a lot of pent up opinions to vent. You just happened to be in the way.

So, a promise. While I certainly will never reach the frequency of posting I had just then, I will create new entries in reasonably regular fashion. For how long? For as long as I can't find an even better, and easier way of doing it.

The mind never sits still!