Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why Have Ads?

Ads? What ads?

Oh! The ones you were not bothered enough about to make an effort in removing from your browser? Well, that serves you right. Let me give you a hint or three how to get rid of them.

Install Firefox, and then the AdBlock Plus add-on. They're both free, safe, and work like a charm. If you use a different browser I'm sure there's a solution for you too. For example, Flock. It's based on Firefox and can use same extensions. It is also quite well equipped for you Web 2.0 buffs out there, even out of the box. If you're browser is not easily or freely extensible, consider installing an ad blocking firewall/proxy like Privoxy (http://www.privoxy.org/). There is really no reason, in this day and age, for your Internet experience not to be ad free.

So why then I make it more difficult for you? My answer: why not?

There'll be much more, and much more intrusive ads on most web sites you'll visit anyway. And, I have just gave you solid advice how to remove those, too. Also, if you're happy with the ads, especially if you click on them, too, I see no reason that I shouldn't make a penny. It's free for you. You may even consider it a service, if you do click and find it useful. Who am I to judge? And who am I to let just the big companies make a buck out of suckers. Sorry, I meant "you".

Finally, I have just seen a news item, a horrible one: as much as 12% of people have actually clicked on a link in a spam e-mail! Why? Because they were apparently interested in the product. Next thing we know, spammers will start claiming they're providing a service, and blocking their missives should be stopped. But have I not just, with this consternation, contradicted myself from the paragraph before? I think not. You did not choose to receive spam. At least I didn't. Presumably, you are reading this because you came of your own free will, and action. If you don't like it (or the ads, if you even see them) you can just not come back. No such choice with spam.

So, expect to see ads here for the foreseeable future. I promise to let you know when I make my first million.