Monday, 6 July 2009

Why English?

As you either know already, or are suspecting, English is not my first language. Why then have it as a language of choice for these musings?

Well, there's a good few reasons for this, any and all free for you to declare totally duff. Did I ever say I cared (too much) about what you thought of any gnought? No. Probably not. So here are the reasons.

1. For the past good number of years (think eight plus) I have been more or less living in English (and not just in England). So it did become decidedly my second, rather than just a foreign, language. Having to work and live in a language is a very good way for one to start increasingly feeling it as one's own.

2. More than a decade before moving to UK I have pretty much stopped reading in any other language but English (not that I could read in many more, anyway), and I read a lot. So, as it always happens when people read, for better or for worse, most of the nice (and not so nice) phrases (and twists thereof), that had stuck in my mind were and are in English.
I know: I really should try and keep up with literatire in Serbo-Croatian, too. But as they say here: so little time so much to do.

3. Last, but most definitely not the least, in my close to ten years living abroad I have made a good share of friends who do not speak (or read) Serbo-Croatian. Who knows, maybe one of them stumbles upon these pages, and is curious as to what I have dribbled upon them. It's only fair, when I'm already speaking into the big great void that is the world, to do it in a language most likely to be understood (idiotic: "speak Serbian so that the world understands" notwithstanding). Not to mention that (again for better or for worse) English is what most people on the planet are likely to understand, anyway.

So there you have it. An explanation -- not an excuse! We all know what excuses most resemble anyway, and why (if you don't, ask, and I'll tell). I know the same probably applies to opinions, and by inference to gnoughts. Do I care? No.