Friday, 31 July 2009

A Vengeful Deity

If there is a god, and I don't believe there is, that person must be really a vengeful one! I'll even leave aside all the unnecessary suffering of demonstrably innocent people. Instead I'll concentrate on a small thing. The devil, as they say, is in the detail after all.

Take umbrellas for example. If you make sure you have one with you it's pretty much guaranteed it won't rain. At least not while you're outdoors. But, forget the umbrella, especially if you otherwise tend to carry it, and it will rain. Out of the clear blue sky, if it has to. And if you remember you forgot it, and start thinking about it, tropical downpour are likely to occur as soon as you step outside. You may say it's a coincidence, and I am happy to believe it. But if you tend to think there is a god, and that he/she/it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and so on, then it surely must follow that they are quite mean. Not so?

And I should know. I am the sad type who carries an umbrella most of the time, and guess what? I rarely ever happen to be out of doors when it rains. But on the odd day that I leave my trusty umbrella behind I can pretty much count on getting at least a little bit wet. If it doesn't quite rain, I get splashed by a passing car. Or something.

You may think it only happens to irreverent aggressive atheist like myself. But no! if you look around, and listen to people, you'll see this is something of a universal malady. Therefore, the only conclusion can be: either unlucky people are the greatest whinges in the whole wide world, or the god is a mean, vengeful bastard.

I know which option I believe in! Or not, as the case may be.