Thursday, 2 July 2009

Twenty Questions -- Thirteen

What was the role of the relations with Serbs from other republic in the politics of Slobodan Milošević? Were some of his statements, for example that armed conflict may not be possible to avoid, in 1989, and that Serbia will not sit idle while there's violence against Serbs in other republics, on 5 may 1990, just a rhetoric meant to dissuade other sides from violence or glimpses of a hidden war agenda? How to explain such disparity in his national politics -- from military aid even when faced with sanctions, to complete blanking in media and politics of, for example, breakdown of RSK (Republic of Srpska Krajina, in Croatia) in August 1995?

Serbs in other republics were just the pawns in a shameless game of chess aimed at keeping Milošević in power. There is no doubt about it. What else could they have been having been alternately defended and deserted by Milošević?