Thursday, 2 July 2009

Twenty Questions -- The Introduction

Belgrade political weekly Vreme has recently (25 June 2009) published a list of 20 questions about the past 20 years and what made them so very remarkable for ex-Yugoslavia, and Serbia, and invited the readers to provide some answers from their own, personal, perspective.

Believe it or not, I have managed to beat everybody else to it, and the 2 July 2009 issue features my answers as the very first entry. In case you missed them (and I know you want to know them), or if you cant speak (or read) Serbian, I have decided to re-publish them here. If you notice any differences between the two (mine and the one on the Vreme web site) here is what I have originally sent as my response.

I will publish the questions, and the answers in instalments, as I translate them from the original's Serbian. I apologise to the original author(s) of the questions for any inaccurracies in my translation. As for the answers, I did my best to re-phrase them in the spirit of the English language, so don't expect a 100% match to the Serbian version.