Thursday, 2 July 2009

Twenty Questions -- Fifteen

Why did the nineties saw such horrible state-sponsored theft from the general populace, and the enrichment of the "elite" through pauperisation of the rest of the nation? Has it stopped in 2000?

The time was ripe, and the government needed "grey" money for "grey" wars. Unscrupulous governments don't mind unscrupulous "businessmen," and is not worried in the least if the people suffer. Did it stop in 2000? probably, at least as a matter of policy. The problem is still how to change the habits of (almost) a lifetime. A quote from Đoni Štulić may be pertinent here: "navika ne blijedi lako, teško se i stvara..." (roughly: a hard to form habit wanes hard). The problem may just be that such habits are actually easy to form, but too hard to lose.