Friday, 3 July 2009


Now, that didn't take quite as long as I feared it would. Still, it was quite a task, especially trying to clarify some things that were only implied, the implications only making sense to someone who actually lived through said (and sad) twenty years in question. English being only my second language, I know I didn't really do it justice, and I also didn't have the space, the time, or even the inclination to spell out every single unspoken assumption.

Anyway, you can also enjoy(?) all of the twenty questions and answers in an unbroken flow. The Serbian original is also available. Of course, there is always the version published on the Vreme web site. I am yet to check if it matches exactly what I sent in (see Serbian version link). I am, however, happy to give it a benefit of a doubt.

That's it folks. For now, at least. I hope it doesn't take me another two months to get another gnought!