Monday, 27 July 2009

I Told You So!

Only a few days after I wrote a (admittedly somewhat late) piece about gamete donor anonymity, or rather unfair loss of it in Britain, a new report comes in, guns blazing, about 25% decline in donors, attributed mostly to loss of anonymity, and in contrast of early, obviously optimistic reports (or a low start baseline, as I suggested). The solution now being considered, apparently, is paying donors. They already can receive "reasonable" compensation of up to £250, so this new one will have to be considerably higher. But why not just restore anonymity? It's fairer, not to mention cheaper. Especially when you add in the costs of changing the legislation.

This is what happens when the "human rights" campaigners get the wrong end of the stick and mess it up for all the rest of us. Will someone turn and apologise to those who are now fully deserving of their "we told you so" moment? Of course not!

So, "politically correct" Britain, dither on! At everybody's expense.