Friday, 24 July 2009

Everything Is Relative, My Dear Albert!

The above is an oft used (and abused) faux quote from back when home was just a single place. Who knows, maybe Mileva really did say that to her husband. It may have even been a, not so subtle, prompt for the great discovery (no, E equals m times c squared was not as great). And it is true as well, especially when we start dabbling in all the fuzziness of human nature and its shenanigans.

Yet, here, you will see me boldly speak in absolutes! How come?

Well, I really need a T&C section in this blog. If only I could keep it visible to my dear readers (all two of them) at all times. I can't. So every now and then I'll insert a little missive like this one, and hope it gets noticed. And remembered. I'm also toying with the idea of arranging for some to have a rerun or three. We shall see...

Now, back to the absolutes, or lack thereof, as it were.

I would very much appreciate if, unless stated otherwise, explicitly, or obvious, all statements I make here that may sound like an absolute are understood in probabilistic terms. This means that if I say that everybody does this, that, or the other, I mean a sufficient majority as not to matter. Otherwise, I'll do my best to let you know when "every" really means "every single last one." OK?

I'm sure even Einstein would be proud!